Vauth-Sagel VS ENVI Centre, Waste Bin, Swing Out, for Cabinet min Width 500mm




    • For side wall and base mounting to cabinets, by means of a side fixing bracket and base mounting weight bearing pivot
    • Swing out waste bin system pivot mounted to side and base with one, two, three or four bins for waste segregation
    • Lid lifts and bins swing out when the door is opened, the lid is automatically replaced on the bins when the door is closed
    • Bins have been designed with cleanliness and hygiene as prime importance
    • Bins are made of high-grade plastic with extra smooth sides making them easier to clean
    • Easy removal of entire system for cleaning inside the cabinet if required
    • No additional strain on the door front

Application:  For hinged door cabinets
Version:  Side mounting / Base mounting / Unhanded
Type of pull out:  Manual
Installation depth:  460 mm
Installation height:  525 mm
For cabinet width Min:  500 mm
Material:  Silver epoxy coated steel wire frame housing and light grey plastic mounting components and lid included. Light grey plastic bins with coloured handles
Installation:  For screw fixing
Guarantee:  10 years

Warranty information
Vauth-Sagel’s products are of excellent quality and workmanship and are extensively tested. Vauth-Sagel has hence set out to guarantee their products are free from construction, material and manufacturing defects for up to 10 years from the purchase of the items.

Subject to T&C’s.



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3×9+12L, 1×12+1×19+1x9L


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