Moulded Plastic Drawer. Runners, Fixing Componet Set, Drawer, Kitchen/Cupboards/Drawers




Installation Designed to accept an 8 mm chipboard base if required
Depth 430 mm
Material Plastic
Colour White
Order reference
Order Dynamic runners and fixing component set separately

Options: 300mm Cabinet Width x 249mm Drawer Width x 218mm Hole Spacing
400mm Cabinet Width x 349mm Drawer Width x 318mm Hole Spacing
450mm Cabinet Width x 399mm Drawer Width x 368mm Hole Spacing
500mm Cabinet Width x 449mm Drawer Width x 418mm Hole Spacing
600mm Cabinet Width x 549mm Drawer Width x 518mm Hole Spacing

Drawer, Moulded Plastic, Depth 430 mm, for Dynamic Runners

Suitable for Moulded plastic drawers 558.60.716/725/734/743/761
Runner 558.73.854
Material Runner fixing clips and cover caps: Plastic
Colour Runner fixing clips: White
Drawer front fixing clips: White
Cover caps: White
Supplied with

1x pair Drawer front fixing clips, screws to attach drawer front clips to drawer

2x Runner fixing clips
2x Cover caps

Fixing Component Set, for Moulded Plastic Drawers, Plastic

Application For use with moulded plastic drawers
Type of closing Self closing, with self closing mechanism on both sides
Load bearing capacity 25 kg
Installation depth Min. 432 mm
Installation The entire runner is concealed completely beneath the drawer base and is not revealed when fully extended
Material Steel
Finish Galvanized
Order reference
Order Varianta 6 5 mm countersunk screws separately

Dynamic Runners, Soft Close, Full Extension, 25 kg

Additional information

Drawer Options

430x300mm, 430x400mm, 430x450mm, 430x500mm, 430x600mm, Runners, Component Set


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