Milbourne Alabaster – Replacement Kitchen Cabinet Doors & Drawers


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These doors have not been pre-drilled.

A typical shaker style door with a chunky frame and a subtle textured finish.
The Milbourne door brings a hint of traditional values to the modern day kitchen with its enduring mix of shaker styling.

Door Style: 5 Piece shaker with v-groove joints
Material: 22mm MDF, foil wrapped woodgrain structure, matt overpainted
Finish: Painted

Alternative colours available:
Alabaster, Almond, Chalk, Charcoal, Partridge Grey, Porcelain, Sage, Stone

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Size & Feature

115x597mm, 139x297mm, 139x397mm, 139x447mm, 139x497mm, 139x597mm, 139x797mm, 139x897mm, 139x997mm, 175x497mm, 175x597mm, 283x497mm, 283x597mm, 283x797mm, 283x897mm, 283x997mm, 355x297mm, 355x497mm, 355x597mm, 355x797mm, 355x897mm, 355x997mm, 450x597mm, 490x397mm, 490x597mm, 570x297mm, 570x397mm, 570x447mm, 570x497mm, 570x597mm, 645x597mm, 715x147mm, 715x257mm base filler door for small curve, 715x297mm, 715x325mm, 715x347mm, 715x397mm, 715x447mm, 715x497mm, 715x397mm, clear glazed, 715x497mm, clear glazed, 715x597mm, 895x297mm, 895x397mm, 895x447mm, 895x497mm, 895x497mm, clear glazed, 895x597mm, 980x597mm, 1245x297mm, 1245x397mm, 1245x497mm, 1245x597mm, 1965x297mm, 1965x597mm, 715x311x22mm, corner door solution, 715x271x22mm Wall corner door solution, Curved Light Pelmet 350×350, 715x277x18mm, wall corner door solution, Base end panel 900x610x18mm with profiled front edge, Corner post, 715x70x22mm, Tall End Panel 2400x650x18mm finished on face and 4 square edges, Tall end panel 2400x610x18mm profiled front edge, Tall end panel 2400x610x18mm T&G profiled front edge, Wall end panel 774x370x18mm, Tall end panel 954x370x18mm, Plinth 3050x150x16mm, Small curved door for 300mm cabinet, 715mm high, Cornice 3050x102x90mm, Modern cornice/light pelmet, 3050x50x28mm, Curved plinth section for the small curved door 530x150x16mm, Curved cornice for the small curved door, unhanded, Internal curved door for 900x900mm base cabinet, Internal curved cornice/light pelmet, Internal curved plinth, Internal curved door for 600x600mm wall cabinet, Appliance/larder feature end post, 3000x100x50mm, Bottle rack 1200x58x20mm, Open unit frame profile 1500x36x22mm, Plate rack 1200x336mm, Tall feature end post 2400x75x50mm


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