Free Fold Bi-Fold Lift Up Fitting Set for 2-piece Wooden Flaps




Complete fitting set
Time saving installation provided by plugs, pre-mounted euro screws and clip fixing for front panel
For use in furniture in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and offices
Flap locks in any position (multi-position stop function)
Finger safe: To avoid injuries the hinge comes apart when fingers get trapped unintentionally in the gap of the flap
Assisted opening and soft closing

Applicatio: n For two-piece wooden flaps
Adjustment facility:  Height and side adjustment ±3 mm, holding power, centre pull and opening angle adjustable, Adjustable fitting suitable for flap weights 2-20.3 kg
Guarantee:  25 years
Material: Fitting: Steel, Cover caps and brackets: Plastic, Hinges: Zinc alloy
Finish:  Fitting: Nickel plated, Brackets: Grey, Hinges: Nickel plated

Supplied with

1x Pair Free Fold piston arms and cover caps

2x Brackets, for mounting piston arms, from frame width 45 mm, screw fixing

2/3x Finger safe connecting hinges, for frame width 20 mm, with adjustment, screw fixing, Installation instructions

Order reference

Min. 110° opening concealed hinges are required – order Quick Fixing 125° hinge and mounting plate separately

Varianta Ø 5 mm countersunk screws to be ordered separately

Warranty information

This product is covered under Häfele’s Lifetime Guarantee.

All products covered under the Häfele Lifetime Guarantee have met our quality standards and have been tested according to the relevant industry certification.

All products under this guarantee are covered for normal use of the products in a domestic environment – for commercial environments our standard 12 month guarantee would apply.

For more information go to:

Services > Customer Support > Häfele Lifetime Guarantee

Additional information


White, Grey

Cabinet Height

550mm, 720mm

Flap weight

6.1-10.8kg, 7.8-15.2kg, 8.5-14.4kg


2 connecting hinges, 3 connecting hinges


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