Vauth-Sagel Pull Out Larder Unit, with Baskets for Cabinet Width 150 mm


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Create extra accessible space with the VS TAL WIRO by Vauth-Sagel. This unit complete with 5 baskets fixed in place will fit suit a 150 mm width cabinet. These storage solutions are a great way to maximise use of small spaces in the kitchen rather than letting them be wasted.


Baskets: Wire


Lava grey

For cabinet width

150 mm


Right hand mounting


Side mounting
Soft closing
With linear chrome wire basket


1734 mm

Internal cabinet depth

495 mm

Internal cabinet height

1850 mm

Load bearing capacity

Max. 25 kg per basket



Supplied with

1x Frame set

1x Runner set

3x Panel connectors

3x Grass Nova Pro runners

5x Linear chrome wire baskets, 465 mm depth


Warranty information

Vauth-Sagel’s products are of excellent quality and workmanship and are extensively tested. Vauth-Sagel has hence set out to guarantee their products are free from construction, material and manufacturing defects for up to 10 years from the purchase of the items.


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